The Family Li Imperial Cuisine

In the Yangfang Hutong of Houhai, Beijing, there is a “high-ranking” restaurant called The Family Li Imperial Cuisine. In addition to the house number (Yangfang No. 11), there is no sign in any small courtyard. The signboard of " Family Li Imperial Cuisine " is hung on the wall. The inscription is the younger brother of the last emperor Pu Yi. This restaurant has welcomed many celebrities including Bill Gates, the former premier of Britain, John Major, and Chinese superstar Jackie Chan.


One of the characteristics of Family Li Imperial Cuisine is that it does not use chemical materials such as MSG, and the seasoning relies on natural methods. There are also no modern kitchen utensils in the restaurant, all using fire stoves. As a kind of "court-style dish", it requires fine materials and fine workmanship.The Family Li Imperial Cuisine only makes dinner every day. If you want to eat it, you must book a few days in advance, and the per capita price is between 298 and 2608 yuan. For this table, their family will be ready from the morning to the evening. Different from other restaurant, there doesn’t allow to order here and what you eat depends on the host. Even so, there are still people who are attracted to it.