Ting Li Guan Restaurant

Ting Li Guan Restaurant, located in the world-famous Summer Palace,is a historically worthy Chinese old-fashioned palace-style restaurant, national-level special-grade restaurant, Beijing Tourism Bureau five-star restaurant and Chinese medicinal restaurant. It is famous for its authentic Imperial Flavor Banquet, Man-Han Banquet, Imperial Banquet, Imperial Birthday Banquet and Imperial Nourishing Medicinal Banquet. Built in the Qianlong period ,it is the place where the Empress Dowager Cixi often came to appreciate the opera and music. And because the call of Oriole birds is a metaphor for the beauty of music, it is known as the “听骊馆”. After the founding of New China, the Ting Li Guan Restaurant was designated as a venue for the reception of Chinese central leaders and foreign honoured guests.