Chunfasheng Restaurant

Address: No.20, South Gate of Yard, Beilin District, Xian

Signature Dishes: Hu Lutou bubble bread, Blessing bubble bread banquet

Chunfasheng Restaurant was established in 1920. It is famous for its genuine "Hu Lutou bubble bread", the main material of this food is pig tripe, and it is soaked in the delicious soup, the sweet taste and unique cooking process gained many customers since it had found. The name of this restaurant "Chunfasheng" is given by a scholar after tasting this special Xian food. From that, business began to flourish.
Current Hu Lutou bubble bread soaked in soup is the result of the ceaseless amelioration on the bases of Tang Dynasty. Its soup is thick and delicious. The bread is fragrant and the meat is tender. "Mentioned Hu Lutou, slobber is drooling" is the best witness of its dainty. Hu Lutou bubble bread is a high saturated fatty acid, high cholesterol, high-carbohydrate food. By adding some seafood, you can increase the nutrition. Today, the restaurant variety has been developed to multiple Hu Lutou bubble bread, such as seafood Hu Lutou, squid Hu Lutou, special Hu Lutou,pot Hu Lutou etc.. And in 1997, Chunfasheng Restaurant Hu Lutou bubble bread was awarded by the China Cuisine Association with the title of the first Chinese name snacks.