Address: Bell and Drum Towers Square, Xian
Signature Dishes: Dumpling banquet

Defachang founded in 1936 in Xian, is a long history of national super restaurant, China Green Hotel 5A level restaurant, China commercial brand-name enterprises. Operating area of 4847 square meters, with style fast food restaurants, banquet halls and more than 30 luxury rooms, it can accommodate 1,200 people at the same time.

Today, China catering area, Defachang is one of the largest and highest restaurants to provide grade flavor characteristics dumplings feasts, fine cuisine of the franchise stores. Defachang Dumpling banquet is in the early eighties of last century in the dumplings package, on the basis of experts and technical staff of unremitting efforts.

As an old and famous restaurant enjoying a high reputation both at home and abroad, this national special-class restaurant is the largest of its kind in China with the most varieties of dumplings, as well as an exclusive restaurant of new-style Shanghai cuisine. Each dumpling served at Dumpling Banquet has its distinctive shape and taste.

The restaurant also provides Qishan Roast Duck, Huanggui Rice Wine, steamed buns with shrimp stuffing, and many delicious dished, such as hundred-flower fish maw, swallows returning the nest, peach kernels and pigeon eggs, phoenix peonies, and so on. Huanggui Rice Wine, which is brewed according to an imperial recipe and a traditional way of the Xu family, is jade-white, aromatic, mellow and tasty.