Chinese Name: 蜀九香火锅酒楼(玉林店
Add: No.11-2 Nijiaqiao Road, Yulin District, Wuhou District

Shujiuxiang Hotpot restaurant is typical Sichuan style hot pot; every day is full of people. The hotpot smell of restaurant is enough to attract people to come in.
Red soup in the nine squares of a hotpot in the restaurant is very creative, which can be put the food down to the different grid. It is really convenience. Taste spicy and delicious that will make people feel good. Someone who can’t eat spicy can choose Yuanyang pot (the hotpot will be divided into two pieces, one is light clear soup and another is spicy red oil soup), clear soup taste mellow and fragrance even that while you scald thin slices of meat into it, the slices also has delicious flavor. Dip is authentic garlic and sesame oil, which is placed tidily on the table, you can make your own dip according to your taste. Though its environment is not perfectly delicate, it is antique.