Tan Imperial Cuisine    

Beijing cuisine, one of the eight most famous regional cuisines in China, not only features dishes made from the imperial recipes, but also recipes invented by private chefs hired to work in the residences of high-ranking officials at the imperial courts. Tan Imperial Cuisine is one of the latter that have been well preserved.  It has won high praises because: its taste is moderate and therefore, fits the palates of the south and the north; and it emphasizes original flavour and original ingredients so little seasoning is used.

Tan Imperial Cuisine is salty and sweet, suitable for both the north and the south of China. The seasonings are original, the production is full of fire duration, and the materials are rich.The dishes are soft and rotten, so the taste is delicious and the texture is soft and tender. Tan Imperial Cuisine has its own cuisines. There are nearly 300 kinds of cuisines. It is most famous for making seafood. In particular, the clear soup and swallows in tanjiacai are more unique.